Professional Ski bum

Billy is the definition of a professional ski bum, choosing to slide on two planks all year round chasing winters in both southern and northern hemisphere. He’s always on the hunt for deep powder days and loves exploring some of the best terrain the world has to offer.

Billy grew up skiing Victoria’s Falls Creek with Glenn Blainey (his dad) who was once a skibum himself, gladly passing on years of experience in the mountains. Soon Billy grew his own passion for skiing and left home at 18 to start his own adventures, notching up seasons in Falls Creek, Japan, Hotham and lately New Zealand, Europe and Canada.

Skier jumping through trees Skier doing a trick in the air
Skier in NZ

Now after nine consecutive seasons with no summer he has his eyes set on the Freeride World Tour and with the way he has been skiing, he looks like he will be there in the not too distant future. 

Follow along with Billy's adventures on Instagram @skibum_bill