Skier/ Adventurer

Shan was born and raised in North East Victoria and has continued to live amongst the mountains in Australia and North America. His insatiable love of skiing has taken him on many trips to Japan, Canada and Alaska.

Portrait of Shan on Mountain top Skier hiking up mountain

During the winter months, you’ll find him flying down the slopes and flipping through the air. His favourite memories are skinning out backcountry with his close friends (reppin’ XTM), exploring new territory and deepening his love of the alps.

When he’s not out sliding around on a couple of sticks, he’ll spend his summer time hiking, rock climbing, motorbike riding, jumping (off everything) and eating tacos. 

Shan has a strong connection to land and enjoys learning about every aspect of his natural surroundings, including, flora, fauna, weather systems and evolution.

Skier jumping in air with grab
Skiers sitting on top of Mountain Group of skiers touring in mountains