We all remember our first time camping. Maybe you forgot your pillow and spent a restless night fluffing up your puffer for neck support. Or were you that guy that told everyone the weather looked good, only to turn up and find a campsite that resembled a muddy pigsty rather than an untouched Eden?

We all have to start somewhere, and it's ok to make mistakes; that's how we learn. But to help speed up that learning curve, we have compiled our top 5 mistakes you might make as a beginner and how to avoid them.


There is always one person in the group who is christened the "organiser". And in that same group, you will often find the "free-loader" - the guy or girl that goes with the flow, doesn't plan, and ultimately brings nothing to the table. 

Don't be that person. 

All you need to do is learn the basics so you can set yourself up to have a great trip away rather than relying on someone else. 

Some good research questions to ask before your trip are:

  • Can you access the campsite by car, if not how long does it take on foot?
  • Are there amenities available?
  • Is there a rubbish collection?
  • Will I have access to running water?
  • Are there cooking facilities?

        Above the clouds Tent-set-up


        There is nothing worse than making it to your campsite to realise you have forgotten the tent poles - trust us, it sucks! A simple packing list can make sure you never forget the essentials again.

        If you're not sure what to pack, a quick google search will bring up plenty of camping packing lists for you to follow.


        We all know the weather can be a tough one to predict. We're from Victoria, so we know that more than most people (unfortunately). When you're camping, you should be packing light, so choosing clothes that can tick many boxes is always the best way to go.

        For instance, anything Merino is always a good option. Merino clothing has thermo-regulating properties (it can cool you down when it's hot or warm you up when it's cold), making it the perfect fit for days when you don't know what the weather will bring.

        Multi-purpose clothing is another winner i.e., clothing that works well in more than one way. For example, our puffer range has a handy travel pillow in its pocket that lets you turn your jacket into a neck pillow (genius, right?!). Or pack shorts that can double as swimming clothes. Rain jackets are always a good idea, too, as they can double as a windbreaker on extra windy days.

        Also, be careful with your sock choice. Merino wins again on this one since Merino socks will keep you warmer for longer when wet compared to standard cotton socks. They are also more breathable, which means you will not be the person with stinky feet when sitting around the campfire at night.


        Being cold at night will make your camping life miserable. You'll wake up tired, sore, and grumpy. Make sure to plan your bedding arrangement carefully. That old sleeping bag you have might be good in summer, but when the temperature drops, it most likely won't stand up to the test.

        Rather than splurging all your hard-earned money on new gear, try a couple of these simple tips to warm you up at night. 

        One easy one is investing in a sleeping bag liner. They can turn your summer sleeping bag into a winter one without having to invest in a second sleeping bag.

        Another good option is to put some flooring down underneath your tent. This could be as simple as a tarp. It helps keep the area under your tent dry and adds an additional layer between you and the cold ground.

        Sleeping Bag Liner


        If you remember one thing and one thing, only it is... You can never have too much light. 

        Make sure to pack as much lighting as you can fit. We even have a handy beanie that doubles as a head torch for such situations. It's called the Blinder Beanie.


        So that's a wrap from us. Hopefully, these 5 tips help fast-track you from novice to pro in no time. But remember, practice makes perfect so the more you get out there, the more you will perfect your camping routine.

        Happy Camping!