As many in the community will be aware, Olympic Skiing legend Steve Lee suffered a massive stroke at his home in Falls Creek, early September.

Steve is a three-time Olympian and the second-ever Australian to claim victory on the Alpine World Cup circuit. He is a loved and respected member of the skiing community, and he desperately needs all our help.

Steve is also a very close friend and lifetime ambassador of XTM. To see him struck down so suddenly and incapacitated so dramatically is confronting. 

Steve has lived his life as the most snow addicted and passionate mountain man that we know. Every penny he made in sport went back into chasing more ways to stay connected to his pure love for skiing. Anybody who has been blessed enough to ski with him knows the passion and positivity he brings, and it inevitably rubs right off on you too.

Steve Lee Fightback Steve Lee Fightback

Steve is currently in a rehab facility in Wangaratta and is paralysed on his left side. He will need ongoing treatment, support, and assistance to get him back to something that resembles a normal life again. For this to happen, Steve is going to need significant financial support. 

We urge you to support Steve and to encourage others to do the same. All donations made through the Australian Sports Foundation portal are tax-deductible.

After you donate, you are welcome to follow Steve's progress on his 'Support Tribe' Facebook page.

Let's all work together to get this strong, fun, and caring ski legend back on his feet.