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Gloves: A Handy Guide

Gloves: A Handy Guide

Snow Gloves and snow mitts are some of the most important accessories for skiing or snowboarding; cold fingers can completely ruin a day in the mountains. Gloves that are specifically designed for skiing and snowboarding have the warmth, dexterity and features necessary to help keep you on the slopes all day long.


Mitts generally provide more warmth because the fingers generate more heat when they are not separated from each other by material as they are in gloves. However due to their extra insulation, mitts have limited dexterity and, in some instances, must be removed to access pockets, use phones or adjust goggle straps.

Gloves, with their individual fingers, generally provide more dexterity then mitts and are ideal for activities where frequent handling of gear, such as zips, boot buckles are required. Some gloves even offering touch screen capabilities, so they don’t even need to be removed when using a phone. On the flip side, gloves generally provide less warmth than a mitt as the fingers are separated and cannot generate as much body heat.


Each glove is made up of a waterproof insert that helps to repel water but let perspiration vapour escape. In the XTM glove collection, there are three types of waterproof inserts.

Hi Dry – 5K waterproof and 5K breathable

Extreme Tex – 10K waterproof and 10K breathable

GORE-TEX – Guaranteed waterproof and breathable protection at a minimum of 25K. GORE-TEX is world renowned as the premium waterproofing technology.


Choosing the right cuff length is mainly a personal preference however the main concern when choosing cuff lengths should be to keep snow from getting into your gloves or jacket.

Under the Cuff: Short cuff lengths generally end at the base of your wrist. They offer greater mobility in the wrist area and allows the jacket to overlap the gloves.

Over the Cuff: Longer cuff lengths extend over and past the end of the jacket sleeve and will offer more protection against snow creeping in. Make sure to look for gloves with toggles so you can tighten the glove cuff to sit tightly against your jacket.

Girl in snow with mittens Boy in snow with snow glove


To keep frozen fingers at bay, a glove or mitt with good insulation is the key. The more insulation there is, the warmer the glove or mitt will be.

Pro Tip: If you’re really scared of the cold, opt for a merino liner to layer underneath your glove or mitt. It can add up to 5 degrees of extra warmth inside a glove whilst increasing breathability.