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When it comes to gloves XTM are rated among the world’s elite brands. We have been the product of choice for the Australian, New Zealand and Danish Winter Olympic Teams and have the largest range of winter gloves and mitts in the Southern Hemisphere. Being such a technical product it is very important that you understand all the features and benefits of a glove before you invest in a specific pair. There is no such thing as the best glove in our range, as it really depends on what exactly you will be using it for. For instance 2 x Boarder Cross World Champion Alex Chumpy Pullin will need a completely different style glove to Big Mountain Specialist Mitch Reeves. This section of our website is designed to help you select what glove will fit your needs best and help maximise your performance and comfort in extreme conditions.


When we talk about comfort, we are referring to a lot more than whether the size of the glove fits or not. We are really talking about the thermal properties of the glove and looking at its heat to weight ratio. The human body’s optimum temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When exposed to cold, harsh climates its temperature can drop significantly leading to frostbite and in extreme cases hypothermia. The first areas of the body to be effected by extreme cold are the extremities, mainly the fingers and toes. This is why it is so important to understand the thermal properties of your gloves when exposing yourself to extreme cold.

Insulation is the main element when it comes to keeping your hands warm and comfortable. At XTM we use 5 different types of insulation in our glove collection:


Our top of the range insulation, it is only used in our elite, environmentally friendly glove range. Merinolite is natures ultimate insulation, designed and trademarked by XTM Australia. It is constructed 50% Australian Merino Wool and 50% Australian coarse wool. It has an amazing heat to weight ratio. One of the major benefits of using merino in glove insulation is that it is more than just a heater, it is a thermal regulator, working overtime to help keep your body at its optimum temperature. By its nature wool offers superior breathability, amazing odour control and stays warm even when it is wet. Merinolite is the most Environmentally Friendly forms of insulation on the market as it is 100% renewable. Look after your hands and the environment.


Possibly the world’s most recognised premium insulations. We use Primaloft in our top end, high performance glove range. It consists of ultrafine fibres that are treated in a patented process and then combined into a lightweight, breathable insulation core. Primaloft offers an amazing heat to weight ratio. It’s fine nature means that we can make thin dexterous athlete performance gloves without compromising on warmth. Primaloft is used in a lot of our Olympic Athlete gloves.


A great insulation for the all mountain glove style, It is lightweight but does not have the same superior heat properties like Merinolite or Primaloft but it is highly breathable and dexterous. Extensive warmth is not always a good thing. This insulation is perfect for backcountry touring, climbing, advanced skiing and boarding. It will offer optimum performance during strenuous activities.


Uses very fine fibres to trap air and keep you warm and comfortable. It is a very popular insulation used throughout our range and is a great all round insulator that will work just as well for novice skiers and boarders as it will for Olympic Athletes. Thinsulate is also used in some of our athlete models as it offers super dexterity and does not over heat during strenuous exercise.


A polyester based insulation. It offers good thermal properties but can be heavy and is not extremely dexterous. This insulation is used mainly in our intermediate style gloves as expert skiers and boarders opt for something lighter.