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Moisture Control

Moisture Control

When it comes to gloves XTM are rated among the world’s elite brands. We have been the product of choice for the Australian, New Zealand and Danish Winter Olympic Teams and have the largest range of winter gloves and mitts in the Southern Hemisphere. Being such a technical product it is very important that you understand all the features and benefits of a glove before you invest in a specific pair. There is no such thing as the best glove in our range, as it really depends on what exactly you will be using it for. For instance 2 x Boarder Cross World Champion Alex Chumpy Pullin will need a completely different style glove to Big Mountain Specialist Mitch Reeves. This section of our website is designed to help you select what glove will fit your needs best and help maximise your performance and comfort in extreme conditions.


When we talk about a gloves moisture control we are referring to two main aspects. 1. The gloves capacity to prevent water penetrating the glove from the exterior (see waterproofing). 2. The gloves capacity to transfer moisture from the body through the glove and release it into the atmosphere (see breathability). As discussed in the Comfort section, extremely cold temperatures can have dramatic effects on your body. If a part of your body is wet, either from precipitation or perspiration, and then exposed to these conditions the rate at which your body loses temperature is accelerated and the chance of causing harm is greatly increased. This is why it is so important that you know what moisture conditions your gloves can withstand.


There is a general misconception that the outer fabric of the glove is what gives it it’s moisture controlling capabilities, this is completely untrue. It does have a bearing on the waterproofing and breathability of the glove but it is actually the internal membrane that has the biggest influence on its overall moisture control ratings. At XTM we use 3 different types of moisture control membranes.


Used in the majority of our top end glove collection. Gore-Tex are a global leader when it comes to moisture control technology. Not every brand is eligible to use Gore-Tex in their products which makes them very exclusive. To use their product you must meet very stringent regulations. You must acquire a Gore licence. To do this you need to prove that you are producing products to the highest standards and specifications, your factory must undergo a Gore-Tex audit to ensure all production standards are met and furthermore, all materials used alongside Gore-Tex , i.e. glove outer, insulation, inner etc, must all be Gore-Tex certified. The waterproofing of the product must be tested after every stage of the production process by inflating the liner and testing for leaks. It is because of these extremely fine details that The Gore-Tex logo has become synonymous with Quality. It acts as a guarantee that the logoed product will keep you dry even in extreme conditions.


A registered trademark of XTM Performance and is specifically developed to work seamlessly with our glove designs. It has amazing thermal, breathable and waterproofing properties. It has a waterproof rating of 10,000mm, a breathability rating of 10,000g/m and its honeycomb structure gives it added warmth retention. Xtreme-Tex is super durable and is designed for all riders from professional Olympic medallists to intermediate riders.


Our entry level moisture control membrane. It has a waterproof breathable rating of 5,000mm/5,000g/m. Although it has the lowest ratings of our three styles it is still far superior to the majority of other membranes used by our competitors in its price bracket. Perfect for snow play and beginner skiers.