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The Miracle Fibre

The Miracle Fibre

Australian Merino wool is famous worldwide for its next-to-skin softness, strength, innate versatility, technical benefits and sustainability. This is why we use this magical fibre in our performance base layers, beanies and accessories. We also use it as within our unique MerinoLite® insulation featured in our puffers and some outerwear and gloves.


Australin Merino wool is naturally occuring as it comes from Merino Sheep. It is also 100% renewable as Merino sheep produce new fleece each year and it is also 100% biodegradable. This means that when a garments life comes to an end, it will naturally decompose, retuning nutrients to the earth.


Merino wool is the perfect fibre for people that love to adventure outdoors. It is a thermo-regulator, which means it will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. It is also odour-resistant, moisture-wicking (or sweat-wicking) in conjunction with being highly breathable. It's also naturally elastic for an ergonomic fit and is soft on the skin compared to standard wool. Importantly Merino also has the ability to absorb up to 35% of it’s weight in water before it loses heat which is a key benefit for anyone that gets involved outdoors pursuits.