Snow Gloves & Mittens: Everything You Need To Know

Snow Gloves & Mittens: Everything You Need To Know

All skiers and snowboarders need gloves that can handle cold temperatures in deep winter. Deciding on a pair of gloves can be difficult. There are many choices and, if you don’t know what to look for, they can all appear the same. Here's the news: they're not!

A skiing or riding day will be more fun wearing the right pair of gloves or mittens for the snowy conditions. Compromising on your gloves means cold, wet hands and kids tears all day. To choose the glove that's best for your mountain activity, consider these 3 things.

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A warm body doesn’t necessarily mean warm hands. Wet or sweaty hands from activity can cause you to lose your body heat. Body heat is pulled from wet skin 25 times faster than from dry skin. Gloves that are breathable, water resistant and offer windy, cold weather protection will keep you dry. Waterproof breathable fabrics repel water while allowing moisture to escape.

At XTM we are a GORE-TEX® licensed brand. When you see the GORE-TEX® logo, it represents durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection. Gloves and mitts made with the very best lightweight waterproof-breathable membrane. High-performance standards guaranteed for your glove or mitt. Look for a high waterproof rating number for a dry day on the slopes.

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Insulation is about keeping your hands warm but not too hot. The type of insulation used in a glove or mitt will ultimately determine if you stay warm or not. Gloves packed full of natural Australian MerinoLITE® or the highest performing PrimaLoft® insulation will perform in cold and extremely cold conditions. Wool and PrimaLoft® retain insulation and lightweight properties for warmth and comfort, even when wet. They’re also breathable, so won’t make you sweat, and will keep your hands dry, comfortable, and warm when out riding all-day.

Can't decide between a glove or a mitt. If your fear is cold hands, then a mitt is best. Wearing a mitten means your fingers can share warmth and have less total surface area for body heat to escape. Mitts group your fingers and help circulate the heat like a sleeping bag on your hands. Mitts aren't as dextrous, but your hands will be warm. Add a Merino wool glove liner or GORE-TEX® WINDSTOPPER® glove – for that extra layer of next to skin warmth.

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Dexterity is often forgotten until your putting on and taking off your gloves to open a zipper or adjust your gear. With individual fingers and articulated design, a pair of well-fitting gloves are more dexterous for fun activities like skiing and snowboarding. Outer fabrics like goat skin leather mould to your hand and allow maximum movement. Stretchy materials like soft shell also move with your hands. The thickness of the glove insulation also matters. Good quality insulations need less volume to keep you warm so therefore the gloves can be less bulky.

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Don’t ignore the importance of shielding your hands from all weather conditions on the mountain. You'll always be better protected if you wear a pair of gloves or mitts that are waterproof, warm, and dexterous. 

If you're seeking well-designed functionality, durability, comfort, and great quality you'll love our alpine gloves and mitts. Explore the full XTM collection of men's, women's, kid's and unisex styles.