Certified B Corporation™

To earn our stripes as a certified B Corporation, we needed to show that we're not just committed but genuinely passionate about our environmental and social responsibility. From the way we treat our employees and give back to the community, down to the intricacies of our supply chain and materials that create our products.

In 2024 we completed our B Corp assessment. The verdict, 107.8 overall score.

It's a nod of approval that says we're not just talking the talk but walking the walk when it comes to making environmental and social responsibility a core part of our business.


What does B Corp mean?

B Corporations, or B Corps, are known for doing business a little differently. Think high social and environmental standards combined with a passion to make a positive impact.

To be certified as B Corp, the non-profit B Lab independently measures key impact areas of a business to certify that it meets high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

However, becoming a B Corp isn't just about the certification, it's about joining a global movement that's rewriting the economic playbook. Together, we're proving that profit and purpose don't need to be mutually exclusive.

How did XTM become a B Corp?

Throughout 2023, B Lab independently assessed and measured five key impact areas across our business. These impact areas evolved around workers, environment, community, customers and governance. It was essentially a deep dive into all the ins and outs of how we do things here at XTM.

To be certified as B Corp, we needed a minimum overall score of 80 points. We scored 107.8.

Read on to learn about some of our key impact initiatives.

People-first approach

Equality isn't just a buzzword for us, it's ingrained in our culture.

We follow our own Diversity-Inclusive Code of Conduct, celebrating differences and ensuring that everyone feels at home here at XTM.

Our suppliers also undergo independent audits to protect every worker's rights.

We're known for initiatives like Heat the Homeless and as suppliers of the Winter Olympic Team but behind the scenes, we're also working on a Reconciliation Action Plan along with allocating 1% of our sales each year to meaningful causes, quietly making a positive impact in our own way.

Planet-friendly practices

We value performance in our gear as much as we value the planet.

Since 2009, we've been certified Carbon Neutral, actively measuring, offsetting, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our high-tech, low-impact gear features materials like Woolmark® Certified Aussie Merino wool, TENCEL™, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. Our technical outerwear, midlayers and top-end gloves are also PFC-free.

Plus, our Sustainable Packaging Strategy ensures suppliers and the domestic warehouse are delivering goods in packaging that's biodegradable, compostable, reusable, or recyclable before the end of 2024.

What we're working on

Sustainability is not just a destination, it's a journey. We know we aren't perfect but we are committed to continually improving our social and environmental practices, ensuring our planet stays a playground for generations to come.

We want to be transparent with you about both the amazing things we're doing to reduce our impact, while still informing you of the inevitable resources and energy used to produce our designs.

Our next priorities:

  • Completing our Sustainable Packaging Strategy before the end of 2024.
  • Finishing our Reconciliation Action Plan.
  • Continuing the elimination of PFCs across all products.
  • Continuing towards our 2040 goal of net zero emissions.


See more ways we are trying to reduce our impact.