We are 100% Carbon Neutral

Over a decade ago, we decided to kick things up a notch to reduce our impact on the planet. With a little help from our friends at the Carbon Reduction Institute, we've been doing our part to measure, offset and reduce our carbon footprint so we can be 100% Carbon Neutral, each and every year.

Our ultimate goal. Reach net-zero emissions by 2040.

What's in a footprint anyway?

Our Carbon Footprint is made up of emissions that come from a whole variety of different sources.

They can come from our manufacturing, supply chain, Aussie HQ, warehouse operations and even the product deliveries that arrive at your front door.

How do you become 100% Carbon Neutral?

The clever team at the Carbon Reduction Institute help us gather all our manufacturing, supply and operations data to calculate our Carbon emissions total.

We then purchase something called Carbon Credits, using them to invest in sustainable energy projects around the world.

We're on the path toward a better future

We don't want to only offset our emissions. The aim is to reduce them all the way down to zero.

But it's a big undertaking. We'll get there, like any mountain we cross, through a series of determined and committed steps.

By 2030 we'll have our emissions down to half. By 2040, They'll be completely gone.

Certified B Corporation

Being 100% Carbon Neutral is just one way we are reducing our impact. See how our people and planet-first practices helped us join this global movement doing good.