Are Waterproof Socks Worth It?

Are Waterproof Socks Worth It?

We can’t deny that waterproof socks come with a hefty price tag. So we can completely understand the question: are waterproof socks worth it? And more so, why would you even need a waterproof sock?

Well, we’re here to say they are worth it; otherwise, we wouldn’t have created our 100% waterproof Monsoon sock. But don’t take our word for it. We’re here to tell you why they are so darn good but not for the reasons you may be thinking.

Before we jump in, it’s always good to understand how waterproof socks work. We first came up with the concept while working with the Australian army. They needed a hardwearing sock to keep a soldier’s foot dry but be breathable enough for high energy activities. To solve their problem, we came up with a three-layer sock design.

Waterproof sock dipping toe into river water

The first layer is a breathable, merino wool blend. Merino fibres are naturally breathable, along with a host of other benefits (but let’s not get into that here). The second layer is a 100% waterproof Drytec membrane. It works to keep moisture from touching the skin and penetrating through the sock. The final layer helps the sock keep its shape as a nylon blend that’s comfortable and versatile.

So now that you know how a waterproof sock works, it’s time to dive into those five surprising benefits. We know you’ve been holding out to hear them!

1. They can help protect you from electrocution

Yep, you heard us right. Waterproof socks can help prevent electrocution. Whether it be fallen power lines in the rain or lightning strikes during a storm, we all know electricity is conducted through the water. By wearing waterproof socks, you’re stopping water from penetrating your skin and saving yourself from deadly electrocution. It’s a life-saving tip worthy of a Bear Grylls TV segment.

2. Reduce your chance of getting sick

Now we aren’t saying that waterproof socks have a mysterious power that wards of the common flu. However, after heavy rainfalls or flooding, water can become contaminated. By wearing waterproof socks, you reduce exposure to these harmful contaminants, reducing your risk of developing stomach upsets or intestinal problems. And let’s be honest, everyone dreads being stuck on the toilet with an upset tummy, so any trick to avoid that situation is always welcome.

Waterproof Sock camping

3. Say goodbye to blistering and chaffing

We’ve all been there. Our feet and socks get wet and all of a sudden, a painful blister pops up to ruin our day. Or worse still, you develop trench foot! Since waterproof socks keep your feet dry, the chance of blistering, chafing, and even trench foot goes away. 


4. They can help you pack light on hikes or camping

It’s the age-old battle. Deciding on what to take so you pack as light as possible, especially hiking. Waterproof socks are great for hiking or camping because you can wear them in many situations. You can wear them as your hiking sock. They come in handy if there’s any wet tracks or creek crossings. Your shoes may get wet, but your feet will stay dry. You can also wear them as a make-shift camp shoe. Because of their durable triple-layer construction, they are sturdy enough to walk around camp. 

5. They are incredibly versatile

Wear them on muddy downhill mountain biking tracks or when you’re hiking, trail running, river crossing, camping, fishing, and even kayaking. Or simply wear them commuting around on dreary, wet days. Anytime you need to keep your feet dry, waterproof socks are the answer. Your feet will love you for it.

So what did you think about our list of waterproof sock benefits? Did you know them all? And more importantly, do you believe waterproof socks are worth it now?