How To Choose Snow Boots

How To Choose Snow Boots

Heading to the snow? It’s time to level-up your boot game. In this article we’ll walk through the basics of how to choose a snow boot. We’re talking traction, warmth, waterproofing and more so you can brave the cold in comfort. 


Understanding the basics of boots for the snow

There’s a lot to contend with when you’re heading to the snow. From freezing temps and damp conditions to boot-deep powder and slips on the ice. 

A well-chosen snow boot is designed to make your life in the snow that little bit easier. Here are some key factors to consider when deciding on your next purchase.


Man and women walking on a snow covered metal bridge 


One of the key differences between a snow boot and a standard boot is traction. Snow boots are thoughtfully designed with specialised treads and outsoles to provide extra grip on slippery surfaces, like ice. 

Look for men’s or women’s snow boots with deep lugs and heavy duty tread patterns. You want your tread to be reminiscent of a 4x4 tyre. That way, you can leave the ice skating to the professionals.


Warmth and Insulation

The core purpose of a snow boot is to keep your feet warm in chilly temps. That’s where insulation comes into play.

Opt for boots with quality insulation like Thinsulate, synthetic fibres or even wool. Each of these traps and retains the heat to keep your toes cosy warm.

The height of a boot can also up the warmth. Taller snow boots, like our best-selling Georgie Boot, offer more coverage and protection against snow creeping into your shoes which means drier, happier feet. 



For us Aussies, slush in the snow fields is a given and unfortunately it’s also a surefire way to get miserably wet feet if you aren’t wearing the right shoes.

To find the best snow boots, look for those designed with a waterproof membrane or a “seam sealed waterproof construction”. That way you know you're getting a real waterproof boot and not something that is just water-resistant.

Pro Tip - A waterproof layer is only as high as the shoelace gusset. So keep an eye out for where the gusset sits to determine how high the waterproofing is.


XTM Snow Boot Guide

With the technical aspects covered, let’s stroll into some tips on style. 

As you’re well aware, snow boots come in various designs from sleek and urban to rugged and outdoorsy. 

When you’re tossing up the style to choose, it’s always best to think about where you will use these boots the most. Will you be meandering through snow villages and hanging out at apres or, is trudging through snow-dusted trails amongst Mother Nature more your thing?


Apres and village life

Find your days more often than not spent wandering your favourite ski resort village or hanging out at apres bars?

Our women’s Inessa Boot and Georgie Boot will be great companions. For the guys, the Konrad Boot is a great choice.


Two people walking in snow boots through a ski village


Winter hiking and snowshoeing

If your idea of a good time is strapping on snowshoes and escaping the crowds, then a more sturdy winter boot should be your go-to. The Jakara and Grimus boot offer a lightweight but sturdy option that will work hard to keep you out there longer.


Woman walking in boot deep snow 

City to slope

Need a boot that looks works both in the city and on the slopes? Our women’s Danii Boot and men’s Costa Boot will do the job with their low profile look and effortless suede finish.


Escape Your Comfort Zone in Comfort

So, don’t forget that choosing the right snow boot means considering the terrain, weather conditions, and of course your own personal style. 

Once you’ve picked your favourite, all that’s left to do is give them a little TLC over time. Our How to Clean Snow Boots Guide will give you all the tips and tricks to keep them looking brand new.

Catch you on the trails!