Saving the Tarkine

Saving the Tarkine


The ancient region named the Tarkine, or Takayna, located in North West Tasmania, contains extensive high-quality wilderness, as well as Australia’s largest remaining cool-temperature rainforest, spanning over 450,000 hectares.

The landscape includes rivers, rare caves and pinnacles, mountains covered in forests, sea misted dunes and coastal and grass plain ecosystems. Our planets ancient past is preserved in plant fossil sites dating back 65 million years, thriving species of tree ferns from Gondwana age and some of the richest Aboriginal heritage in the hemisphere.

The Tarkine provides diverse habitat for over 60 rare, threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna. This was the last refuge of the Tasmanian Tiger and it is the main habit of the world's largest marsupial carnivore, the iconic and Tasmanian Devil.

Now imagine the scream of a chainsaw, the growl of a dozer, as loggers and miners take control of the forest and lead the destruction of wild nature.

"As of Friday, the Bob Brown Foundation were successful in an urgent Federal Court hearing to temporarily halt MMG's destruction of an ancient pocket of Australia's largest temperate rainforests in Tasmania's Takayna/Tarkine. Takayna / Tarkine should not have to wait any longer for its World Heritage values and globally unique rainforests and native forests to be protected. If Minister Plibersek is true to her word that the environment is front and centre, then saving Takayna is her first test.

Her reconsideration of MMG's clearing for new roads and drilling should force MMG out of Takayna. While her decision was promised in mid-June, Minister Plibersek now says it will not be made until mid-July.

The next Federal Court hearing, challenging the flawed approval for MMG's work to proceed, is due on 19 and 20 July. We look forward to keeping you up to date with our work in the coming months.

For Takayna”

All profits from the sale of our Men's Tarkine and Women's Tarkine rain jackets are donated to the SAVE THE TARKINE FOUNDATION.

Join us and take action for Earth.