The Ultimate Guide to Mulloway Fishing in Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Mulloway Fishing in Australia

With its sleek silver body, formidable size, and elusive nature, the mulloway (also known as the jewfish) is revered by fishermen across the country. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unlock the secrets to locating, luring, and reeling in these majestic fish across the vast coastal waters and estuaries of Australia. From tackle selection and rigging techniques to understanding their feeding habits and seasonal patterns, this guide will equip both novice anglers and seasoned pros with the knowledge needed to maximise their chances of a thrilling mulloway encounter.

The Appeal of Mulloway Fishing

Mulloway fishing holds a unique allure that captivates anglers from all corners of Australia. Many are drawn by the mystery surrounding the mulloway; their unpredictable behaviour and enigmatic nature. These silver-scaled giants offer a thrilling challenge, demanding patience, strategy, and finesse. Landing a mulloway is a badge of honor, a testament to perseverance and a deep understanding of their habits. Beyond the thrill of the chase, mulloway's delicate flesh is a culinary delight, making it a sought-after target for both sport and cuisine. For those seeking an unforgettable fishing adventure, mulloway fishing promises an adventure like no other. 

How to Catch Mulloway

Fishing for mulloway requires a strategic approach that combines knowledge, skill, and patience. Understanding their habitat is crucial. These fish are found in coastal waters, estuaries, and river systems, often near submerged structures. The tides and moon phases also play a significant role in their activity. The best time for mulloway fishing is during the tidal changes, but patience and persistence are vital given the elusive nature of this species. 

To maximise your chances of luring in a mulloway, you’ll need to select your fishing gear carefully. These fish are intelligent, strong, and notoriously finicky eaters. Let’s take a closer look at the best baits and lures, and the ideal rig setup. 

Best Baits and Lures

When it comes to enticing mulloway, selecting the right baits and lures can make all the difference. Experimenting with different options is key to finding the perfect combination that triggers a mulloway's predatory instincts.

These fish are known for their discerning palate, so fresh or live baits are often preferred. Mullet, squid, and tailor are excellent choices that mimic their natural prey. Rigging these baits with a sturdy hook and presenting them near the bottom can entice a hungry mulloway to strike. 

Mulloway lures can also be highly effective. Soft plastic lures, such as paddle-tails or curl-tails, in natural colors like silver, white, or black, can mimic the movement of baitfish and entice a predatory response. 

Choosing the Right Mulloway Rig

Selecting the right mulloway rig is crucial for increasing your chances of a successful catch. There are various rig options to consider, depending on the fishing location and conditions. One popular choice is the running sinker rig, where a sliding sinker is placed above a swivel to allow the bait to move naturally in the water. This rig is effective when fishing in deeper waters or areas with strong currents. Another option is the paternoster rig, ideal for fishing in shallower waters or when targeting mulloway near submerged structures. This rig features two dropper loops positioned above the sinker, allowing multiple baits to be presented at different depths. 

Whichever rig you choose, ensure it is sturdy enough to handle the strength of a mulloway and consider using a leader to prevent line abrasion. Adapting your rig to the fishing conditions will enhance your chances of enticing and hooking these fish.

Fishing Gear

When you equip yourself with the right fishing gear, your chances of catching a mulloway will significantly increase. Make sure you have all the essentials, starting with a sturdy and reliable fishing rod and reel combination that can handle the power and weight of a mulloway. You should also invest in a medium to heavy-duty spinning or baitcasting setup, and strong hooks, swivels, and sinkers to rig your baits effectively. 

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What’s the Legal Size?

Adhering to legal size requirements is of utmost importance when targeting mulloway in Australia to ensure sustainable fishing practices. The size limits for mulloway vary across different states and territories, highlighting the need to familiarise yourself with the specific regulations in your area. These size restrictions are implemented to protect the breeding stock and ensure the long-term viability of mulloway populations. It’s essential to accurately measure the length of the fish using a reliable measuring device, ensuring that any undersized mulloway are promptly released to grow and reproduce. By respecting and adhering to these legal size requirements, anglers play a vital role in conserving the species and preserving the future of mulloway fishing for generations to come. Remember, responsible fishing practices go hand in hand with the thrill and joy of pursuing these magnificent fish.

Best Time of Year to Catch Mulloway

Understanding the seasonal patterns of mulloway is key to increasing your chances of a successful catch. Generally, the best time of year to catch mulloway is during the warmer months, from spring to autumn. However, it's important to consider factors such as tides and moon phases, as these fish tend to be more active during high tides, especially around the full and new moon periods. During these times, they often venture closer to the shore and estuaries in search of prey. 

Monitoring water temperatures can also provide insights into mulloway movement patterns. Warmer water temperatures generally see the fish move into shallower waters, while cooler temperatures may push them towards deeper areas. By studying these factors and adapting your fishing tactics accordingly, you can significantly improve your mulloway fishing success.

Top Tips for Successful Mulloway Fishing

For novice anglers or those unfamiliar with mulloway, seeking out and luring these fish can be quite a challenge! Keep these top tips in mind to maximise your chances of landing that prized mulloway catch:

  • Research and understand the fish's behavior, such as their feeding habits and preferred habitats. 
  • Focus your efforts during prime fishing times, such as dawn and dusk, when mulloway are more active. 
  • Pay attention to environmental factors like tides, moon phases, and water temperatures, which can influence mulloway behaviour.
  • Use fresh or live baits that mimic their natural prey, and consider experimenting with different lures and presentations. 
  • Above all, be patient, persistent, and adaptable.

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