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Environmental Commitments

Environmental Commitments

In everything we do, we always try to stick to our mission: Do good, be free, have fun. Our owner and founder Pete Forras loves to say "if you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem". We know we aren't perfect but we are always trying to do our best so that we can reduce our impact on the world around us. Here a just a few things we do as part of our environmental commitment.



We have been a Carbon Neutral company since 2008 and over the last 10+ years we have offset over 8,143 tonnes of Carbon. That's equivalent to 3,416,312 litres of petrol, 2,255 cars off the road or 3,605 tonnes of coal that has avoided being burnt.



Over 24% of our products utilise the natural power of Australian Merino wool. We choose to use Australian Merino because it is a naturally occurring, renewable fibre that is also biodegradable. And even better it is also cruelty free which makes it extremely sustainable. We've also introduced PFC-free recycled fabrics across our outerwear range and recycled fleece features in our apparel collection. 

REFLEX recycled fabrics Merinolite


We understand that the way we package our products can have a considerable influence on how much waste ends up in landfill. Our aim is to be landfill free and we are working with our suppliers and retailers to achieve this by reducing our plastic packaging, investing in recyclable packaging materials and making sure there is no unnecessary excess packaging used on our products. Over the last 12 months alone, we have managed to remove over 2 tonnes of plastic and our hope is to increase this number over the coming years.



Protect our Winters (POW) is the leading voice on climate change for the winter and outdoor sports community. Founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007, POW has grown to a collective of over 60 million people spanning across 12 countries who speak out, show up and act against climate change to ensure the protection of our unique alpine playground. As a partner with POW we are proud to lead by example and drive positive climate action to sustain and enhance our natural environment and to ensure that our winter and outdoor industry is resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Skier on top of mountain

We take our environmental commitment seriously and this extends to our XTM Head Quarters, located in the Victorian coastal town of Torquay. Our HQ aims to reduce its’ carbon footprint by using recycled materials, recycled water, solar energy, LED lighting and upgraded insulation to reduce our heating and cooling needs.