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Heat the Homeless

Heat the Homeless

There are an estimated 116,000 people across Australia classified as homeless, and it has been predicted that homelessness could surge by 9% in 2021. With winter now officially beginning, it’s more important than ever to help Heat the Homeless.

Our Heat the Homeless appeal was created to give you, our community, a way in which you could pass on quality, pre-loved snow jackets to help warm those in need and avoid them being sent to landfill. We see it as a win-win situation (and hopefully you do too).

Once donations are received, we work with charities around Australia such as GIVIT, Indigo Junction, Free on a Tree, and Humans in Melbourne to distribute the jackets to those who are homeless or in desperate need. And it is all thanks to your kind donations. We would hug you but that might be creepy so instead please give yourself a pat on the back from us.

And now some words from Pete (the guy that runs the show here).


1. Go through your old jackets and take out what you don't need. For Heat the Homeless we are looking for warm and preferably waterproof jackets. All items are required to be in a clean and good condition; as a general rule, if you wouldn’t wear it, please don’t give it (seriously, don't be that guy who drops a mattress, or the lady who donated one single glove, that was just weird).
2. Visit our participating retailers. You can find our full list in the table below.
3. Drop your jacket into the Heat the Homeless donation box that you'll find in-store.
3. From there, donated jackets will be counted, collected, and stored ready for a local charity pick-up.
4. And then from there, the charities will directly hand-out donations to the homeless or those needing some much-needed warmth.


Retailer Donation Points


If you are a retailer who wishes to get involved in this campaign please contact us through our email address and we will supply you with our Heat The Homeless collection box and information posters.


If you are a charity-based organisation and would like to help us distribute these jackets to the people who really need them we would be stoked to hear from you. Again, please feel free to get in contact with us at