Norway: Ski Touring Mission in the Lyngen Alps

Norway: Ski Touring Mission in the Lyngen Alps

Last February, four of our ambassadors answered the call of adventure and embarked on an unforgettable ski touring trip to the Lyngen Alps, way, way, up in northern Norway. 

Little did they know their trip would turn into a roller coaster of emotions featuring lost luggage, cosy saunas, breathtaking views, gale force winds and a campervan playing its own tune of unpredictability. Each experience simply added an extra ingredient to flavour what would become an unforgettable journey for our Aussie travellers.


Day One: The Pick Up

After spending a nail-biting day in Tromso awaiting the arrival of lost luggage, the team gladly collected their tardy bags and headed to the pick up point of their new home away from home for the next eight days. 

Affectionately called Pesa (“nest” in Finnish), the converted army truck would squeeze in our four ambassadors, a guide and two drivers as they crossed fjords and chased snow for fresh lines around the Lyngen Alps.

A quick afternoon pit stop to get their ski legs in, the team embarked on a short vertical in the Norwegian forest before settling in for a home cooked dinner in their new getaway vehicle.

Couple in campervan with bunkbeds at back 

Day Two: End of the World

Parking near a cemetery to ascend a peak called “End of the Word” or Verdens Ende, was to be honest, an ominous start for our intrepid travellers.

In saying that, the serenity and peace of touring in a snowstorm between tombstones is something the crew will never forget.

Sticking to the trees as avalanche danger was high, the team worked their way up a 450 metre vertical. As they neared the top, they were treated to views that explained the name of this unique peak. Touring next to a steep drop-off, the trees opened for uninterrupted view over the town of Lyngseidet and its surrounding fjords emanating the feeling that they were traversing next to the “end of the world”.

With the snow falling all night and day, Day Two would prove to be some of the deepest snow the crew would ride throughout the trip.

Typical of Norway, they skied all the way to the entrance of a sauna, adding extra vibes to an extraordinary day.

 Two skiers on edge of cliff looking down to Norwegian fjords

Skier in deep powder with leafless trees


Day Three: Russelvfjellet

Heading to the most northern point the team would go, the team got so close to the North Pole they thought they might even spot Santa. Parking next to the beach, waves crashed on the black rocks as they drank their morning coffee.

With snow falling right up to the shore line, the crew toured along the water’s edge before making their next accent. This time 820 metres. 

Clear blue skies set them off in high spirits, but as they ventured higher, so too did the strength of the wind. As they neared the peak, small tornados of snow surrounded them as the 100km per hour winds lashed at their cheeks. But the peak was in sight so the crew battled on and eventually made their finish line with breathtaking views over the fjords and surrounding mountains.

Three people ski toruing next to Norway fjord


Day Four: Discovering Lyngen’s fishing villages (rest day)

With Pesa deciding she needed a rest (aka let’s just call it a mechanical mishap), the team decided they too needed a rest day and explored Norway’s iconic fishing villages. Red huts and houses dotted the shoreline with the white snow casting a glistening contrast against the turquoise water and jet black rocks of the beach.

That night, the team were treated to a show of colour across the night sky when the Aurora Borealis decided to make her grand appearance.


Three people at night watching Aurora Borealis behind a mountain


Day Five: Nommedalstinden

Chasing the sun, the team departed for their next destination bright (actually, not so bright since days were short) and early. With snow clearing and winds thankfully low, the 1051 metre summit was in their sights. With Frederick (their trusty Guide) leading the way, the team powered up the mountain and were once again treated to uninterrupted views all to themselves. As with all their touring missions, there was not another soul in sight.

Finishing off the day in style, the team were treated to another sauna, right on the edge of the fjord. Julian, the hype man of the crew, convinced them to do some fjord swimming before returning to the warm embrace of the sauna.

Let’s just say it was cold. 


Day Six: Uloya Island

The best weather of all the days, the sun gods were shining on our ambassadors with a day filled with plenty of light. For this expedition, the team had travelled across the fjords overnight to Uloya Mountain and had their sights set on a 700 metre ascent. 

Safe to say they made it.

Skier skiing down a cornice mid pow turn

Two skiers smiling while touring with fjords and mountains behind them


Day Seven: Staluvarre Forest

The final day of touring and one where they bid farewell to Frederick, the team spent the day in Staluvarre Forest, seeking freshies between the trees. Being the last day, Tom couldn’t help but set-up some fun hits to finish off what had been an epic week of riding.


Day Eight: Head back to Tromso

With bags packed, Pesa cleaned and a compostable toilet filled with… (you don’t need us to say it). The team bid farewell to their mighty steed and the team behind it but not to the memories they made across the eight days.

Three skiers looking back at mountains across Norway fjord

 Skier coming down mountain

Ski Touring in Norway

Touring the Lyngen Alps was nothing short of a dream and their expedition highlighted the unbelievable and untamed beauty that is Norway. The only question left to ask is: where next?